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Keep your family safe and have peace of mind about your home’s security with Bazz Smart Home monitoring products. After you easily install our smart home security systems, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and control your home, business, and other properties. All you need to do is set-up, link to your Wi-Fi and pair with your BAZZ Smart Home App. As long as there’s Wi-Fi, smart home monitoring is now a security solution you can obtain! BAZZ Smart Home monitoring gives families a viable option that was once only attainable by costly security companies. With our smart home Wi-Fi products, there are no expensive set-up fees or monthly system costs.

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What is Smart Home Monitoring?

A smart home monitoring system keeps an eye on your home and family 24/7. 

Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, door and window sensors, lights, and alarms connect to your existing WiFi network to give you complete control through your smartphone. Anytime, anywhere. 

Whether upstairs in bed or on a beach halfway across the world, a smart home monitoring system provides your home with ultimate protection. Watch live camera footage, activate alarms, and use the two-way audio features all through your smartphone.

BAZZ smart home monitoring devices make reliable protection a viable option and come with no expensive set-up fees or monthly system costs.

Keep your family safe and have peace of mind regarding your precious belongings.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Smart Home Monitoring System?

1. Protect Your Belongings 24/7

Unlike traditional systems, smart home monitoring devices prevent incidents and notify you in real-time. When movement is detected around your backdoor or a water leak springs in your bathroom, you are alerted immediately via your smartphone. 

A smart home monitoring system can save you the $2700 worth of loss in the average burglary, but the peace of mind the system brings is priceless. You will never need to worry about the safety of your loved ones or your precious belongings again.

2. Monitor More Than Just Your Home

Smart home monitoring systems primarily wade off unwanted visitors and prevent burglaries, but they can also help keep an eye on loved ones, ensuring safety at all times. Receive a notification when your child returns from school or keep an eye on your pets, wherever you are! 

3. Access From Anywhere

A smart home monitoring system can connect to your smart device and is accessible from home or on-the-go. Whether you want to check in on security camera footage or speak to visitors, you can do so from anywhere in the world. Never miss out on anything!

4. Save Money

Did you know that a smart home monitoring system can save you money? Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it also lowers your home insurance rates

In terms of prevention, a smart home monitoring system can save you thousands of dollars in theft costs and water damage repairs. 

What Products Will you Need for a Smart Home Monitoring System?

WiFi Security Camera

Every smart home monitoring system needs a camera that can capture all events in the greatest detail. Ideally, your home will be equipped with indoor and outdoor cameras to ensure you have all bases covered.

BAZZ’s indoor and outdoor HD cameras transmit live footage directly to your smartphone and can record video to your phone or SD card. Both feature a 355-degree horizontal angle and a 75-degree vertical angle as well as night vision and two-way audio.

WiFi Doorbell

The WiFi doorbell lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors, whether you're home or away. Tell delivery people where to leave parcels, be notified when guests arrive, and ward off intruders. 

The BAZZ Smart Video Doorbell uses two-way audio and crystal-clear 1080p HD video to let you communicate from anywhere in the world using, whether you’re sitting on your living room couch or a holiday sun lounger a thousand miles away. 

Smart Siren Alarm

A smart siren alarm is alarmed once a sequence is triggered with other smart devices. For example, it could siren when a motion sensor detects movement or when a contact sensor on your door opens. 

The Bazz smart siren alarm is easily paired with your other smart devices and has 12 choosable sounds that will siren at 120 dB, along with a built-in flashing LED strobe. As well as alerting your neighbours with the siren, the alarm sends you a push notification to your smartphone so you can attend to the problem, wherever you are. 

Smart Sensor

Smart sensors help you stay alert when emergency strikes. Not only are sensors prepared to inform you when there is movement in your home, but they also give you immediate alerts for home flooding. 

Motion sensors detect movement in your household, contact sensors track the openings of your doors and windows, and water sensors keep your home protected from severe and expensive water damage.

Smart Security Light

BAZZ’s smart security light comes with a night camera attached. The camera’s motion-sensing feature illuminates the security lights when motion is detected outside your property. With night-vision, 720p HD video, and a wide viewing angle, you’ll capture everything you need. 

    Keep Your Home Safe With Just One App

    Used in tandem with the Bazz Smart Home App, users have the power and comfort to stay in control of their home from wherever they are. Watch multiple feeds of your Wi-Fi security cameras, activate and disarm alarms, and use the two-way audio all from within the app. With BAZZ Smart Home monitoring devices, serious and reliable protection is now a viable option.